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Why cbsepracticalskills.com
In order to understand and appreciate science, we need to get in touch with our inner scientists, and then only we might be able to bridge the divide between everyday knowledge and the apparently intimidating and elite apparatus of formal science. We need to find that deep link between the realism of everyday life and scientific practicals. As an important initiative to increase the emphasis on practicals in schools, the harbors of formal learning as well as to make assessment of practicals fair, uniform and reliable, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) had introduced a new scheme of assessment for Class IX-X from the academic year 2005-06. We have in support of this laudable initiative of CBSE board has created this website www.cbsepracticalskills.com. This is an effort to ensure that all that is required by both teachers to enrich their practical classes and students to hone their practical skills is comprehensively present at one single place, at a single click.

Salient Features of website:
  • All Practicals are provided in the animated format
  • Demonstration of the complete process
  • Every practical followed by multiple choice questions based on the shown practical. For every individual practical 3 set of MCQ test offered.
  • 50 comprehensive sets of MCQs tests also provided covering the entire syllabus as per the CBSE board guidelines for classes IX and X students.
  • Entire syllabus coverage, as per CBSE board guidelines
  • Instantaneous Analytical Report and feedback with correct answers and detailed solutions
  • Get queries addressed by experts
  • 365x24x7 access advantage
  • Designed and presented in format to induce thorough mastery over all the listed experiments in the syllabus.
  • Access to the latest CBSE sample question papers
  • Available Previous years CBSE solved question papers and related material pertaining practical syllabus for Class IX- X.
  • The detailed diagnostic/ analytical report is provided to the students with remarks pertaining to their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Students also get explanatory solution to the questions asked in the test thus augmenting their comprehension of the practical.
The 365x24 access advantage also helps to bridge the gap induced due to schools finishing up the syllabus almost three to four month prior to the final examination. As being in sort of a hibernation period, the students loose touch with the hands-on practice that they need especially in the case of practicals. At the same time CBSE has also included the class IX practicals to be tested in final board examination. The site thus provides methodical and scrupulous recapitulation of all these class IX practicals as well.
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